Tees Cosmetics

Tee’s Cosmetics is an exclusive makeup brand conceived in 2017, this was a starting point
for the brand when the first collection of false eyelashes were launched under tees brand
name in 2018. The experience in makeup has led to an expansion into liquid lipsticks,
beauty tools, eyeshadows and other gorgeous products of which the beauty blender and
lashes has emerged its top sellers.
As a brand we keep our products fun but with top notch materials. We love to innovate
hence we intend to create products that will serve a multipurpose use in the makeup
industry. We mainly believe in producing high-quality products that are sold at an
affordable rate for everyone. We want to be able to give our gorgeous makeup lovers the
power to look gorgeous and express who they truly want to be, we want you to feel
confident whilst shopping at a budget.